Face Contouring Surgery

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V-line Surgery


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Clinic / Hospital does not perform a square jaw reduction by cutting the jaw angles in a straight line(V line Surgery). Instead, a curve osteotomy technique is used when excising square jaw angles to create a harmonious look and a perfect line. This type of technique requires a high level of difficulty. Moreover, Hospital also provides Botox treatment and a facial liposuction based on patient’s conditions and need.

Curve Osteotomy & Long Curve Osteotomy

Clinic / Hospital performs a curved osteotomy along with a long curve osteotomy to maintain natural appearance of the jawline. Even though this is a very difficult method, with advanced surgical techniques, the operation time is shortened and the jawline also maintains its natural look.

Cheekbone Surgery (Zygoma)


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3D zygoma reductions not only reduce the cheekbone but also create the slim facial contour line, resulting in maximum satisfaction.

If a patient has frontal and lateral overdeveloped cheekbones. the entire cheekbones look protruding when both seen from the front and 45 degree angle. However, if only lateral cheekbones are overdeveloped, the lateral cheekbones will have a wide look while the frontal cheekbones look normal.

Therefore, if the zygoma is carried out without matching with the actual bone shape. the entire face may look unnatural or flat. Clinic / Hospital always determines a cheekbones reduction surgery technique based on a result of the thorough medical examination.

Chin Tip Correction Surgery


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A woman’s face is said to be the most attractive when the vertical length ratio of forehead to eyebrows. eyebrows to nose tip and nose tip to chin tip is 1:1:1 or almost in the same rate. The most reason that women faces are not in an ideal look is because of a weak chin due to underdevelopment of the chin.

Two-Jaw Surgery


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Most of the facial muscles, giving rise to facial expressions, are started from the facial bone and connected to the facial skin. Therefore, the muscles can be damaged primarily upon incision and/or peeling of the facial skin and it may lead to the malfunction of other muscles as well.

Therefore, Clinic / Hospital tries to minimize damages on soft tissues and optimize the arrangement of the muscle and soft tissues. in turn minimizing any limitation on facial expressions.