Face Lifting Surgery

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Face Lifting

The previous wrinkle correction procedure may cause relatively large scars with a small improved area and requires a long recovery period. It also has a high risk of side-effects and skin complication. In order to overcome these limitations, Face lifting has been developed. This method and it is a method that receives the best response from plastic surgeons all over the world.

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Forehead Lifting

A safe implant called ‘endotine’ is used with endoscopic technique for forehead lift. Through an advanced lifting technique, it is also effective in improving drooping of the eyebrows and eyelids without additional blepharoplasty. Also, it is possible to selectively remove facial wrinkles by using Botox injection.

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Neck Lifting

As we age, the fat can be easier accumulated around the neck because of loose jaw skin and the line connected the chin tip and the neck can be disappear. Aging neck is caused by the deformation of platysma muscle covering the neck, resulting in skin loosening and wrinkles increased. Clinic / hospital rejuvenates the neck by removing excessive fat under the chin tip and gathering the platysma to the center.

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