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Young in Beauty is a medical tourism service provider for Indonesia under the control of Korea government. We specialize in cosmetic medical treatment services such as cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery and skin care procedure. Young in Beauty headquarters are in South Korea and it’s branch office is in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are the only plastic surgery consulting agency based in Indonesia, with expert from Korea. We provide a diverse range of cosmetic services for our clients depending on their needs. There are more than 3,000 plastic surgery clinics in Korea such as Wonjin plastic surgery clinic, Banobagi clinic, ID hospital, BK plastic surgery clinic, VIP plastic surgery, GNG hospital, Grand plastic surgery clinic, Braun plastic surgery clinic, JK plastic surgery, JW plastic surgery clinic, Nana clinic, Hershe Plastic Surgery, Marble plastic surgery clinic and etc. There are many medical tourism agencies too, such as docfinder korea, beautique korea. It is too many to choose 1 clinic. Young in Beauty is only the plastic surgery agency that helps people to choose the best choice for themselves.

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Plastic Surgery Price Information

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All Plastic surgery prices vary depending on the clinic chosen. Clinic / Hospital will give the patient a definite plastic surgery price after a consultation with doctor. If patients have already decided a specific surgery before consultation, we can provide definite surgery price for patients. Estimated cosmetic surgery price information.

Cosmetic Surgery Information

How To Choose Plastic Surgery Clinic / Hospital?

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Most people who want plastic surgery ask these, “Which plastic surgery clinic is good? Who is the best doctor?” Frankly speaking, we can not give a definite answer for them because there are many different responses to one clinic, However, Young in beauty collect many hospital / clinic information (specialized surgery by hospital), doctor reputation, and patients review from cosmetic surgery association, group and patients. We recommend hospital/clinic base on these detail information, also we exclude blacklist clinic / hospital, medical accident history clinic / hospital. Based on these information, we ensure that our valuable clients get the best surgical results.

Cosmetic Surgery Process

1. Consultation in Indonesia

Plastic surgery consulting, Reservation clinic, Book a flight ticket and accommodation VISA process.

2. Airport Pick Up in Korea / Thailand

Airport pick up.

3. Doctor Consultation in Clinic / Hospital

Confirmation of surgery schedule / fee Body scanning for surgery.

4. Surgery and Recovery

Surgery Recovery in inpatient room.

5. Check Up

Remove stitches ​Final check-up before back to Indonesia.

6. Airport Sending

Transportation to airport.

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